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About us
We specialize in sandy Flemish Giants. Primarily sandy for now, but we do occasionally have other colors or can refer you to other great breeders who have the full range of Flemish colors.

I do have a mascot, the legendary Mr. Fred, World's Largest Holland Lop, but we won't talk about him here. He scares people with his massiveness. You may have seen him at shows, eating all the lettuce and looking grumpy.

What do you get when you work with us to find a Flemish giant?

Sure, you could go to the mall and buy "a bunny." I know where many of those rabbits come from, and I know that the wholesalers know damn near nothing about the rabbits. Not their health, their background, their personalities... most of the time they don't even get their sex or age right! They just buy them up and sell them to people who don't know much, and you're buying a wabbit of uncertain age, health, breeding and sex, for pretty much about the same price as a strong, known, well-bred wabbit. Almost all professional breeders are very different.

If you're not used to big wabbits, I'll give you all the information you need to get started with your Flemish. In fact, here's some useful information that will help you right now!

I'll ensure you get a strong, healthy rabbit who comes from good lines and solid breeding. You won't get this from a mall pet store, where if you're lucky, they might even be able to tell you the breed of the rabbit correctly, though it likely will be mixed. I will not sell you a sick rabbit, and provided you follow good advice, if anything happens to the rabbit soon after you get it home, I'll stand behind our rabbit as a matter of pride and compassion. Keep in touch with me. Ask questions.

I'll be available to you as your wabbit grows and matures, and you can draw on my knowledge and the knowledge of my friends in the Flemish community.

If you're in the local area, I'll be glad to refer you to trusted sources for feed and supplies, and make referrals to veterinarians I work with who know rabbits and know this rabbitry. It can be maddeningly difficult to find a vet who actually knows or who will even treat rabbits. I've already done that work!

As a side note, I'll also likely encourage you to groom and show your rabbit! It's not difficult (until you have 15 or 20), it's fun, and you can meet some really interesting people and their wabbits. I'm looking forward to the day when a rabbit we've sold to a good home comes to a show and beats my rabbits... you could be the one!


I have a few, very strong principles when it comes to Flemish Giants. Take a minute to read through this, it will help you decide if a Flemish is right for you (and whether you're right for a Flemish).
  1. I do not sell "Easter bunnies." Period. End of story. If you come to me seeking a cute little bunny to amuse your kids, I will direct you to a local shelter where you and your kids can adopt some "cute little bunny" from last Easter that a short-sighted parent bought and then discarded when it wasn't little anymore. While you're there, you can pick up a castaway duck that used to be an Easter duckling, but be careful, those things poop anywhere.
  2. I do not sell meat rabbits. You are perfectly within your rights to eat rabbit, but you won't be eating one of these Flemish. This also means I won't sell rabbits for you to breed for meat. There are better breeds for that.
  3. I am not in a rush. I make my main living doing other things, so I'll never pressure anyone to take a rabbit who isn't ready for it, or take a rabbit who isn't ready for the world. I have time, space and a great deal of patience, and I think that makes for a better wabbit and a better experience for everyone.
  4. If, after you get it home, for any reason you feel you cannot keep the Flemish, you will bring it back. You will not give it away, sell it, drop it off at a shelter or dump it in some local field to fend for itself. I know how to care for an adult rabbit and I can find it a new home better than you can. I didn't raise these giants to become a future burden on animal shelters. Know your limits, and if in doubt, don't get a Flemish. I am absolutely serious about this. There is no Flemish that has ever left this barn who couldn't come back here, and a few have, when the owners realized they were in over their heads or their circumstances changed. It's OK.
  5. Flemish Giants are just that. They are enormous rabbits. I will provide you with all the information you could possibly want regarding what to expect when you live with one, and I will provide you with the healthiest, best-tempered rabbits I know how to produce, but ultimately every rabbit is a little different and every owner's capabilities and ways are different. As they grow up, they go through several personality stages and they can be a real challenge at times. I will try to make you as aware of this up front as I can. Stick with them through that time, be patient and caring, and you will end up with a majestic, friendly wabbit who will be your best friend. If you have any doubts about your own patience, do everyone a favor and get a cat.


I'm very "hands-on" with my rabbits. I feel that since these are big, strong rabbits, they need to understand that they're safe with people and that they need to get used to people. I spend an amazing amount of time with them. When they're young, they get handled and talked to every day, I pet them, scratch them under their chins and between their ears, let them explore the world, and (sigh) let them nibble me and my clothes. I have the nicks to prove it. But this method is important, because a secure rabbit is a friendly rabbit! When you meet them, they will come up and say hi, they'll be curious about you, they'll want to see what you're about.

I encourage prospective owners to carry this on. No rabbit wants to sit in a hutch by the stove or on the back porch all day, with nothing but the sides of their nose to look at all day. Flemish are big, friendly rabbits and want to know what's going on. As house rabbits, they will "patrol," checking the house out on a schedule, seeing what's different, stopping by to say hi to you and visiting the same places every day.

The only way you get rabbits comfortable with people is to handle them, and handle them a lot. I take that time and put that effort in, because the results are worth it, when your rabbit sits in your lap clicking his or her teeth in contentment.

I do not ship or (generally) deliver rabbits. If you're far enough away, I will likely refer you to another of our friends in the Flemish world who might be closer to you. Rabbits don't tolerate shipping well, and I don't do it, and I can't afford to deliver them ourselves at a great distance, though if you intend to be at a show we're showing at, I can arrange to bring your rabbit along. The best thing is to meet and choose your wabbit here at the barn, where they're comfortable. You don't have to take one home at first meeting.

I'd prefer to adopt to experienced rabbit people, people who know what care a rabbit needs. Thus, if you're a parent and are looking for a rabbit as your child's first pet, you should probably consider something other than a Flemish. When adults, these wabbits can wrestle your kid and easily win best three-out-of-five.

What I ask

It's best if you come out and pick your rabbit here, with my guidance. Kits won't leave here until they're at least 12 weeks old and healthy. If you choose a rabbit for later pickup, I ask for a $50 deposit. After all, I won't sell your rabbit out from underneath you, and you reserving a rabbit means someone else can't choose that rabbit, meaning if you choose to change your mind later, it may be more difficult for me to go back and sell that rabbit to someone else.

I also ask that you stay in touch with me. I'll ask for your contact information (including phone and email) so that I can get in touch with you if I later identify a problem or an illness that could potentially affect your rabbit. Since I'm also aware of any illnesses that may be around at a given time, I can give you a heads-up and offer assistance in keeping your rabbit healthy, as well as new sources of hay and feed, upcoming shows, and other things that may be of use to you. No, I won't spam you.

I'm serious.

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