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Say hi to SM Princess Grace

Princess Grace is one of the Four Royalty, four great kits that were the last sired by the amazing Guenther before he died in early 2011 from Bess, who has since retired from competition and breeding. Along with Princesses Anne and Diana, and Prince William, they were just absurdly well-formed kits who have turned out to have quite good show characteristics.

Grace is very formal and a bit concerned about things. She eats and drinks a lot and keeps her hutch very tidy. Sometimes I have to remind her that she is part of one of the most famous Flemish Giant pictures in history, a picture that's now in the Guidebook for the NFFGRB. Yeah, that one. Over there.

Starting after Labor Day 2011, where she had a surprise 2nd-place finish at Mill Hall, Pennsylvania in a class of over two dozen senior sandy Flemish does before ARBA Executive Director and respected judge Eric Stewart, Grace went on to post big wins in nearly every show in which she appeared, including three Best Of Breeds, several Best Opposite of Breeds and variety and class wins. Judges considered her on the smaller side but very, very well-formed, and she beat many much-larger does, including several from her own barn. As of January 2012 she has six championship legs, is registered and is awaiting her Grand Champion certificate.

December 15, 2011, Grace had her first litter. They were very strong, but due to an illness that swept through the hutch in January, they were all lost and they are missed to this day. When she gets her strength and will back, I will get her back together with Nutsy. Grace is an outstanding mother, strong and devoted.

Her second litter, born March 24, 2012, have gotten to a fine age and are some of the best sandy kits I've seen in years. You will see several of them show up with their own pages here once they are named and tattooed. Four does and a very feisty buck. Helen, her biggest daughter, is already a Grand Champion and Simon, her only son, is very well-formed and has two legs so far.

Her third litter, five strong, loud kits, were born December 13, 2012, and they are in great hands. Grace is one of the best mothers it has ever been my pleasure to work with, a complete professional and at ease with every aspect of the kits.

They are visible on anytime you care to tune in. Just click the link at left. She and Nutsy will get together again soon. She is every bit the grand dame that her mother and her ancestors have been.

If you could see her lineage, and that of her favorite boyfriend, DF00B, Nutsy, you would lose your shit. I look at it even now, and it blows me away.