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Say hi to SM Double Nuts

Nutsy is a goofball, but he learned to like big shows and showed well all over the middle Atlantic states and Ohio, earning eight grand champion legs in less than five months against some pretty tough competition. He was the father of the amazing Sol, SMJ01, now lost, and went on to be the father of the hilarious and spectacular SMK litter in December, 2011, of which six are with us. Princess Grace, SMH10, is his best friend and mate. Just as her parents, Bess and Guenther, were truly friends and partners (rare in the wabbit world), Nutsy and Grace genuinely like each other and Nutsy has met all his progeny. He does a decent job of grooming them, though he has to realize that they may eventually grow up to kick his butt.

From the barn of Michigan breeder Duane Fritsch (as was the late DF64D Elizabeth Regina), he's here to bring Midwest characteristics to the Eastern form. Grace has proven she has the form, Nutsy has proven he can win and produce strong kits.

And, eat a bunch of hay.

And, throw his toys around the hutch.

In 2011, Nutsy went on a rampage and won show after show, both in the spring and fall seasons, ending the year with eight championship legs with likely more to come, but his favorite accomplishment was being the father of the SMK and the amazing SML litters with Princess Grace, SMH10. He now has eleven championship legs and is ready for more.

It's difficult to describe just what a gentleman Nutsy is. He is the only Flemish buck I can hang out with face-to-face without worrying he'll chew my eyebrows off.

Maybe I should just post photographs. He and Grace are nearly the winningest sandy pair in recent Flemish history (other than Grace's parents, Bess and the late Guenther, who had 15 legs between them) and they are young and distinct.

Ah, hell, just look at the pictures, OK? Nutsy is a great guy. A wabbit's wabbit.

And he's my friend.

I am looking forward to getting him and Grace together soon for another try at a litter. Their SML litter, born March 24, 2012, is amazing. They are better at their age now than either their parents or grandparents were at the same age. I should know: I met them all, and raised some of them.

Nutsy also sired a litter with Flopsy (a grand champion in her own right) in July, 2012, but they were lost. Flopsy was inexperienced and the kits were lost. We'll try again. Nutsy is perfectly OK with that. After ten Grand Champion legs, he has been termed "a great herd buck," and he is. He's also just a great guy.

Lookit them ears!