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Say hi to SMM01Tony

Tony wasn't the absolute largest of the bucks from the SMM litter, but he's right up there. All three have them got to nearly senior weight at an amazingly early age. They wll show, but as other litters are on the way, it's time for them to go somewhere that needs a future great buck.

They showed well at Flemish Nationals in Cortland, New York in April, 2012, and One placed sixth out of two dozen junior bucks in one of the two shows, even though he was smaller than some of the older juniors. He won Best Opposite of Breed at the 2013 Central Pennsylvania show in State College before Eric Stewart. We're probably keeping him.

Tony won his class at the Charleston open show in South Carolina in August, 2013. He's a good guy. Not as big as his father, yet, but a great personality.